Tuna cream soup

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     Tuna soup is another soup menu that many people like to eat, drink hot cream soup and enjoy chewing on tuna meat or bring rice crackers or crackers to eat together. Get a feel like a famous steakhouse.

Tuna cream soup

Ingredients: Tuna cream soup

     1 Tbsp Olive Oil
     2 Tbsp salted butter
     3 cloves Garlic
     canned tuna
     Chopped parsley 2 Tbsp
     All Purpose Flour Dissolved 2 Tbsp Water
     3 Cups Fresh Milk
     1 Cup Whipping Cream
     1 Cup Chicken Broth
     Salt (Seasoning)
     Ground Pepper (Seasoning)
     Paprika (Seasoning)


     1. Put olive oil in a wok. Heat enough heat, add butter and stir until fragrant, add garlic and tuna, stir well.
     2. Add parsley and fry until fragrant. Add wheat flour, dissolve water, stir until combined, add white wine, followed by chicken broth, boil until boiling.
     3. When the soup boils, add fresh milk. And whipped cream Stir the mixture all the time until the soup has thickened. Season with salt, ground pepper and paprika, put into a bowl, ready to eat while hot.