Seafood Sauce.

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When talking about seafood sauce. We often think of sour, sweet, spicy dipping sauce that is unique in Thai style. It’s delicious to eat with any menu. (Every menu is really delicious. You don’t have to eat it with the seafood menu.) But now, if we try to eat seafood at some hotels or restaurants. We will find that there is a type of seafood sauce that is beautiful, green and has a soft touch. It’s like a creamy texture, very delicious, different from the usual dipping sauce recipe. 

Therefore, I searched for a recipe by trial and error. That I can tell you that it is very delicious with “Fresh milk seafood dipping sauce” traditional seafood dipping sauce, but add mellow, sour, spicy, but tender taste. The whole face is also appetizing. Importantly, it’s also easy to do. I want everyone to go and try it.


  1. 1 handful of garlic
  2. 1 handful of green peppers
  3. 2 coriander roots
  4. 1/2 medium bottle of fresh milk
  5. 4-6 lemons
  6. Sugar or syrup 1 small cup
  7. 1 small cup fish sauce

How to make fresh milk seafood dipping sauce?

 1. Put the green chilies into a blender.

 2. Followed by garlic, coriander root and fresh milk blended together until homogeneous.

 3. You will get a smooth and intense green chili sauce.

 4. The sauce looks smooth and delicate like this UFABET

 5. Add sugar or syrup, lime, fish sauce, stir well. You can increase-reduce the sour-sweetness according to your preference.