mushroom tortilla

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     With a menu of mushroom tortilla, bologna, fat-free cheese. Use whole wheat batter to wrap up with mushroom bologna, bell peppers, and cheese, and then roast them to a nice color.

mushroom tortilla

Mixture of mushroom tortillas, bologna cheese, fat-free cheese

      Whole wheat tortillas
      Tomato Sauce (Low Sodium) or Pasta Sauce
      Bologna (Low Fat)
      Sweet Chili
      Fat Free Cheddar Cheese

How to Cook Fat-Free Cheese Bologna Mushroom Tortillas

     1. Place the tortillas in a container, grease them with thin sauce.
     2. Top with mushroom bologna and bell peppers, followed by cheese.
     3. Wrap a little flat, roast on a Teflon pan. No need to add oil When it starts to scorch, put it on a plate and eat it with a vegetable salad