Vermicelli salad

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     Whoever lives in a dormitory or condo, prepare an electric pan to be ready. We would like to recommend the Vermicelli Salad menu from us.  The recipe is easy to make, using spicy salad powder mixed with various ingredients, seasoning as you like. 

Clear vermicelli with fresh shrimp with colorful vegetables and tomatoes Simple Vermicelli Salad menu anyone can do it.UFABET


     Minced pork 500 g 
     Vietnamese sausage, amount according to preference
     Vermicelli soaked in water 80 g 2 packs
     Spicy salad powder (Knorr) 2 packs 
     10 pounded fresh peppers (according to preference)
     3 bunches of chopped celery (according to preference)
     2 large onions, sliced ​​(according to preference)
     4 sliced ​​peach tomatoes (according to preference)
     1 cup (or 1 sachet) pickled garlic

3 tbsp fish sauce

How to make Vermicelli Salad?

      1. Stir the minced pork until it’s cooked. By adding water and a little taste. To add flavor to pork 
      2. Boil water to boil. Add vermicelli to boil until done and set aside to cool. If anyone wants the noodles to be fresh all the time, after blanching the noodles, rinse them with 2 cold water. 
      3. Boil pickled garlic water. Add spicy salad powder and fresh chili powder, stir well. Mix all the ingredients together