Japanese sweet egg

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         Japanese sweet egg is for anyone looking for a snack menu. Eggs are soft and smooth and Sweet taste In addition to enjoying it. it can also serve with salad as well.  

 Japanese sweet egg

Japanese sweet egg ingredients

  •       6 Eggs
  •       3 Tbsp Mirin
  •        3 Tsp Sugar
  •       Small Square Pan
  •       2 Tsp Vegetable Oil
  •       6 Eggs 
  •       2 Tbsp Mirin
  •       3 Tsp Sugar

How to Cook Japanese Sweet Eggs

          1. Beat egg and mix all ingredients together (it is important to strain the eggs beaten in a colander. Strain 2-3 rounds to get a smooth egg texture)
          2. Set the pan over medium heat, add vegetable oil to it. For the first time, pour the eggs into about 3 ladles to see that the eggs are cooked a little. But they are not rolling, the face is still a little liquid, and then slowly roll the eggs gently, folding and so on. 
          3. The next time before pouring. To the egg, take the chopsticks, lift the egg plate to allow the egg juice to flow underneath. 
          4. Roll the eggs for 5-6 rounds or until the desired size is reached, then press the egg against the edge of the pan. In order to have a square oval and a bar shape Nab to get a beautiful scorched color.
          5. Put the Japanese sweet egg and put it aside to cool. Do not be afraid of the eggs are not cooked. Because the temperature in the egg rolls will heat until the end of the cooked whole piece itself.