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Warnings for Vitamin D Use.

Taking vitamin D may affect blood sugar levels. People with diabetes, low blood sugar levels. Or who are taking medications, herbs, or supplements. That may affect blood sugar levels should take it under the advice of a doctor health. People who have chronic diseases or

Preventing insomnia.

Treatment of insomnia should be based on the severity of the symptoms. If insomnia lasts no more than 1 week or only occurs occasionally due to various factors, and is not chronic. People with insomnia can take care of themselves body to overcome this condition

Asthma prevention.  

Currently, there is no way to prevent asthma. However, patients can monitor their symptoms. Control their symptoms from exacerbating. And live a normal life by taking care of themselves and strictly cooperating with their doctors. Prevention and control of asthma disease are as follows:

Get to know the SPF value in sunscreen.

The SPF (Sun-Protection Factor) value is a number used to indicate the level of protection the skin receives from the sun. The different numbers may be based on how many times more protection body it provides from UVB rays. But do not indicate the effectiveness