England 3 – Italy 1

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England national team qualified for Euro 2024 on target. After winning over Italy 3-1 in a football game in which Harry Kane scored two goals.

England recalled several key players who were substitutes for the most recent match. All returned to the starting lineup, led by Harry Kane, the talented striker. UFABET  While Italy placed Gianluca Scamacca to measure the sharpness of the front line. 

The game started 15 minutes into the game and Italy took the lead 1-0. Giovanni Di Lorenzo cut the ball from the right into the middle. And Gianluca Scamacca flicked a shot into the net.

The home team tried to fight for an equalizer. And in the 27th minute. Kieran Trippier opened the ball for Jude Bellingham to head inside the six-yard box. But Gianluigi Donnarumma’s save didn’t pass. 

England tied the game 1-1 in the 32nd minute from a penalty. Where Jude Bellingham penetrated into the penalty area. Before being tapped by Giovanni Di Lorenzo. Harry Kane was responsible for shooting in. 

In the 57th minute of the second half.

England took the lead 2-1 from a superb counterattack. Jude Bellingham led the ball through the middle of the field. Before signing out to the left for Marcus Rashford to drag him into the penalty area before swinging. Dodge a few Italian players and land a decisive right shot.

England almost got another shot in the 68th minute. When Jude Bellingham passed the ball to Phil Foden and pressed with his left hand in front of the penalty area. The ball flew into the box but Donnarumma made a save. 

The Lions moved 3-1 away in the 77th minute after playing a long ball into the middle of the field where Francesco Acerbi had a bad header. Harry Kane picked it up before tapping away from Giorgio Scalvini. The ball continued into the penalty area and lured the target Donnarumma emphasized. 

remaining time England ended the game well before defeating Italy 3-1. Securing their ticket to the Euro 2024 finals as the group’s first team.