Blanco admits he still doesn’t know about his future.

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Antonio Blanco the 22 year admits he is still unaware of how his future at Real Madrid will end up this football summer.

Spain Under-21 midfielder Antonio Blanco admits he is still unclear about his future. But confirmed that he is ready to return to Real Madrid this summer. With 12 months remaining on his contract. Revealed to Relebo on Wednesday. 

Blanco was seen as one of Real Madrid’s academy talents and for a time captained Real Madrid Castilla. But he hasn’t been able to break into the first team as expected and was released to Cadiz and Alaves on loan last season UFABET

‘This is a team that will always be there. And if I have to wear that shirt again, I’m delighted.’ Blanco said of the prospect of returning to Alaves. Who has promoted to Liga this season. 

The 22-year-old added that Real Madrid have yet to inform him when and with whom he should return to the club. Between the first team or Real Madrid Castilla.

‘I have one year left on my contract with Real Madrid. For now I have to do another pre-season. I hope it wraps up in the final on July 8th (U21 Euros). Then I’ll have a day off after the whole year. Then let’s see if I will be with the team directly or whether I will go to pre-season with Madrid or not at this time. I have a year left on my contract with the club and we will see.’

‘Right now, no one has contacted me or told me what day I have to go back. I hope they will soon,’ said Blanco.