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Grilled Cheese Bread.

       Grilled Cheese Bread is this easy menu. The combination of flavors of crunchy bread Salted with aromatic butter and stuffed cheese inside. which is heated until it is juicy and greasy, very appetizing. What is Grilled Cheese? Grilled cheese is a classic American sandwich that has been around


Grilled Chicken Breast with Lemongrass clean food from chicken breast How to make Grilled Chicken Breast with Lemongrass easy to cook diet for weight loss, low fat, delicious, healthy Chicken breasts are high in protein and low in fat. Popular Thai food for today, we would like to offer clean

Kua Kling Moo.

          Today I intend to eat Kua Kling Moo menu. But when I arrive it’s gone. It’s easier to come home and cook by yourself. Do you like lean pork chops or not? Let’s get it. Stir fried with Kua Kling chili paste and shrimp paste. Season with salty

Pumpkin fried with eggs.

          Pumpkin fried with eggs is useful. But sometimes the restaurant has fried rice and curry until it’s unappetizing. It’s better to stir fry it yourself in our style.This recipe uses minced pork and basil. Let’s to cooking. Ingredients.           Raw pumpkin,

stir fried cucumber with egg

Stir Fried Cucumber with Egg

           Let’s start with the stir fried cucumber with egg menu. This recipe combines fresh shrimp and salted fish fillets. Or you can just stir fry with eggs and season to your liking. Ingredients: Stir Fried Cucumber with Egg (Serves 2) 1 egg 2 egg whites 1 tbsp

Ginger Soup

Ginger Soup

Ginger Soup,  a healthy menu that helps remove toxins from the skin. It is another way that toxins at the skin level are excreted. If you exercise regularly, then there is nothing to worry about. But if you don’t have time Try making this cup of warm ginger soup and eat

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Scrambled Egg Bread Sandwich

     Who is bored of eating fried eggs and bread? Let’s try Scrambled Egg Bread Sandwich in the morning with ufabet. By adding the cream and mixing it with the eggs. When stirred until cooked, it is sandwiched with bread and fried until golden brown. Ingredients for

Fried Sandwich with Cream Cheese

Fried Sandwich with Cream Cheese

    Fried Sandwich with Cream Cheese If you are bored of eating sandwiches often. Let’s fry it to change the taste a bit, shall we? Make a fried sandwich stuffed with cream cheese, cucumber, ham, carrots and scallions. Pair it with milk or coffee. Fried Sandwich