Shrimp tempura

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          The menu of fried appetizers such as shrimp tempura is also interesting. Also suitable for serving in Japanese cafes.  Crispy Tempura Shrimp Served with tempura sauce Blow your mouth warm before eating, be careful with your mouth blistering.

shrimp tempura

Shrimp tempura ingredients

      ◆ Tempura Flour (Uncle Barnes) 1 cup      Cold water, 1 + 1/2 cups      Fresh shrimp      Vegetable oil (for frying)      Tempura sauce

How to Cook Shrimp Tempura

          1. Peel the shrimp. Use only the meat and tail. Remove the middle black line Shrimp 3-4 points on the belly, but not so that the shrimp can stretch straight. Mix tempura batter thinly and set aside.
          2. Mix tempura batter with cold water, stir until dissolved.
          3. Heat oil pan. (Tested by dropping a little bit of starch water If it fuels, then it is okay.)
          4. Stir the flour mixed with cold water again to distribute the flour. Then use your hand to moisten the flour and flick your fingers over the surface of the oil into small dots all over the pan (don’t be afraid of spattering oil). When making this dish, you must be patient. There may be some, but this tempura shrimp. Oh, I do it the first time. There was no splash on the hand or arm)
          5. Put the shrimps that we mix dry flour and mix in cold water, flour mixed with cold water. Then put it on the flour that we flick sprinkled in the first place. The sprinkled powder will stick to the shrimp on one side and look beautiful. By placing the shrimp a little far apart. 
          6. When the yellow flour to return the shrimp. Fried until cooked, golden yellow Scoop up to drain the oil Will get beautiful shrimp tempura And will get the excess batter that is crispy. 
          7. Serve. Serve the excess batter and sprinkle with shrimp tempura as well. Served with tempura sauce