Chicken Macaroni

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Italian food recipes “Chicken Macaroni” tastes from chicken and freshly sliced ​​tomatoes. Ready to season with Maggi cooking sauce. You can easily make your own meals at home. tight menu Ready to provide complete nutrients. It can be said that it is full, delicious, healthy and will definitely be liked by the whole family.

INGREDIENT Chicken Macaroni

  • Chicken Macaroni Stir-Fry Ingredients
  • Boiled Macaroni250 g
  • Diced Chicken Tenderloin100 grams
  • Maggi Cooking Sauce Smooth Stir-fry Recipe 1 tablespoon
  • Maggie’s Oyster Sauce 1 tablespoon
  • tomato ketchup2 tablespoons
  • egg1 egg
  • vegetable oil2 tablespoons
  • sliced ​​tomatoes1 ball
  • onion½ ball

Making process.

Step 1 Put the oil in the pan and heat it up. Add onion UFABET chicken, stir fry until cooked, rest on the side of the pan, crack the egg into it, smash it, wait for the egg to be almost cooked. Add macaroni, tomatoes and stir-fry.

Step 2 Season with Maggi cooking sauce. mellow stir-fry recipe Maggi Oyster Sauce, Tomato Sauce, stir fry enough to combine with high heat, scoop up and down, garnish with chopped spring onions, ready to serve while hot.

Nutrition summary:

There are 391 calories in 1 cup of Macaroni with Chicken.
Calorie breakdown: 54% fat, 27% carbs, 18% protein.