Get to know the SPF value in sunscreen.

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The SPF (Sun-Protection Factor) value is a number used to indicate the level of protection the skin receives from the sun. The different numbers may be based on how many times more protection body it provides from UVB rays. But do not indicate the effectiveness of protection against UVA rays.

For example, a person who does not apply sunscreen will experience red skin after 15 minutes of sun exposure. While a person who uses a sunscreen with an SPF of 30. May experience the same symptoms after 450 minutes of sun exposure. Based on the normal skin tolerance time multiplied by an SPF that provides up to 30 times more protection from the sun.UFABET  

However, the effectiveness of SPF values ​​in actual sunscreens may be lower than the values ​​obtained in the laboratory. Which depends on various factors such as the duration of sun exposure. Time of sun exposure, environment, season, weather, intensity of sunlight, and contact with sweat or water.

However, using sunscreen is still very beneficial in the long run. Especially in Thailand where the sun is strong. Using sunscreen may help prevent skin health problems and skin cancer. Which can be dangerous to health.

However, sunscreen cannot completely protect the skin from UV rays. So you should use other methods to protect your skin. Such as wearing a hat and UV-blocking clothing  , and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun or tanning.