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Weaponized by The Joker in Batman Versus The Incredible Hulkwhere he tosses a rose to one of his henchmen, who pricks his fingers on its thorns. Hilarity Ensues when there's a personality transfer in the middle of it, and Satoru-in-Kokoro's-body flips out, not knowing what's going on. Elsee promptly bites his outstretched finger and swallows the blood in an attempt to prove she can be his little sister. Before any lip contact can happen, though, the co-star freaks out and pulls her hand away. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch: Strategic Armored Infantry has Lavinia plant an invisible tack on a control pad so that Sara will injure her finger in order for Lavinia to play out this trope with her. Ran does it to Julia in chapter 4, for instant Nosebleed. Sleeping Beautyin at least one version, is raped and carries twins to term while sleeping because you canwithout any way of providing nutrients for them. During a date scene, Alto sucks the blood from Sheryl's finger when she cuts them after falling off a scooter.


RBD-646 ??? ??????? ???? Her name is Miki Sunohara,


How horny are you? The name is shown during first 10 secs.,


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