Very very young vagina

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You can even see her little one's tiny hand and the doctor ready to catch the baby. Her husband quickly snapped this picture, and Ashley tells CafeMom, "It was a high-risk delivery, as I had pregnancy-induced thrombocytopenia. This mom photographed by First Light Birth Photography gently strokes her baby's head as it presents outside of her. To grow a child in your body for nine months and then birth that child with your own body, and then nourish and feed that child with your own body is miraculous. This mother's birth photographer, Blanca Gonzalez, explains, "[Her family] traveled all the way from Mexico to use a midwife in El Paso, because [her doctors] told her twins could only be delivered by C-section. You got this, mama. Did you know that it's completely normal for a baby's head to come out a bit elongated? Truly the beginning of the end. It's an irreplaceable moment.


LOL I love when people say shit is obvious when it's not obvious. No surgical scars on that ass but "It's obvious" You been reading too many gossip magazines. Fat Transfer


I will say this...homeboy was putting in some work lol


best vid in da world

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